There are certain services that the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSPBC) does not cover. We offer patients the following two options for payment of these fees: 

  1. Annual Fee covering all uninsured services excluding excisions. Contact the Office Manager for further details.

  2. Payment per individual service at the time the service is provided.

Please see the list below for uninsured services and the costs associated with each service. 


Our rates are consistent with those recommended by the Doctors of BC (British Columbia Medical Association).

*In some cases, extended medical plans will cover the cost of certain uninsured services. In these cases we will provide the receipt to aid patients in claiming the reimbursement.


General Insurance Examinations, Industrial Examinations etc. (to include marine Personnel, pilots, pre-placement and periodic annual examinations for healthy persons)


Physical Fitness Examination for School, Summer Camp etc.


Initial Screening Examination for Chronic or Rehabilitation Care


Completion of Ocupational Fitness Assessment


Ocupational Functional Abilities Form


Advice by Telephone, on the establishing of a tentative diagnosis and prescribing treatment per 15 minutes or portion thereof


Renewal of Prescription by Telephone


Dr's Note (sick, school, work)


Missed Regular Appt


Missed Physical Appt


Transfer of Medical Records (to new GP)


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Consultations are convered by all Canadian provincial health care plans. For your convenience we bill directly to each province except Quebec.


Quebec Visitors: patients will be charged privately for each visit at the provincial MSP rate. We will provide a receipt to aid in claming the expense for all Quebec visitors.


Patients that are non-residents of Canada will be charged private rates for the visit and receipts will be issued.


We accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit or Cash.

Cosmetic Excision


Cosmetic Excision (face)


Cosmetic Cryotherapy


Long Term Disability Form


BC Drivers Medical Form


Dressing Change


Nebulized Medication




Gravol Injection


"Morning After" Pill


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