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  • If test results are abnormal, we will contact our patients and let them know to come in for a follow up appointment. Patients may also be contacted when the test results are normal if the physician feels the need to discuss the results further. If the patient does not receive a call but would like to review their results, they are encouraged to do so in person. 



  • Referral to a specialist and prescription refills require patients to consult with a physician.


CANCELLATIONS (Family Practice)

  • Please ensure to give us 24 hours cancellation notice if you are unable to attend an appointment in the Family Practice. Missed appointments are subject to a fee if inadequate or no notice is given (see Coverage Page for price details).



  • Patients on regular, long-term medications for chronic conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc) require appointments in the Family Practice. Please book these appointments at least 4 weeks prior to needing a refill to ensure that medications last until the next appointment date. 

Doctor Taking Notes

Our physicians are all skilled clinicians who apply a comprehensive approach to the management of patient illness and demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the human condition. 


When your Family Physician takes a vacation, we ensure a qualified doctor is on hand to see patients; this doctor is referred to as a locum. Please do not put off seeing a doctor until your physician returns from vacation. 

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